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Just as most  South Africans are doing, the DC are getting settled back into things after the  summer  break. We are putting the 2013 plan into motion.
The legal side of our case plodded along in 2012, and as it plodded our real focus became the civil side of the matter. Courts don’t change laws – politicians, and the will of the people do. So to this end, we spent all our energy increasing our support base. Our social media presence went from strength to strength and is attracting people from more and more diverse places and backgrounds.

We now have over 100 representatives country wide armed with information and some passion to  spread the word on the street. Info Packs are being mailed all over the country, thanks for the support! The Dagga discussion is well and truly up and running in SA, more so than ever before. National newspapers have been regular in their publishing of Dagga articles and the comments sections online have always been lively. After all, the debate surrounding the cannabis plant is the most polarised debate worldwide right now.

There were some legal developments during the course of the year . We kept them close to our chests at the time, to see how things would pan out.

In July 2012, Doctors For Life  filed a request with the court to join the case on the State’s side. In essence, their argument is that the Government doesn’t have expertise in the medical profession pertaining to Dagga abuse and addiction and therefore DFL have requested to become expert witness for the State.

We know DFL. We had some dealings with them during the course of 2012. They are a Christian based medical fraternity who are dead against ‘illegal drugs’, abortion, stem cells and homosexuality. A pro life organization with a religious ethic with reportedly over 1300 members worldwide.
Their submission was accepted but the State required more reasoning from DFL as to why they would want to join the case. We saw the supporting affidavit in October 2012 and when you get past the legal jargon, DFL want the medical ‘expert witness’ job because they are more than qualified to talk about the dangers of Dagga addiction.
The State hasn’t replied yet (that we know of) and the DC will not oppose the application. If we had a spare R200K or so, we might oppose it just to put a spanner in the works, but we don’t, so we’ll wait and see what happens next. The views of DFL are the antithesis of the DC’s and we know that organisations like DFL are visionaries of a drug free world and see their world from a moral standpoint. Science will win the day and events worldwide concerning the failure of the ‘war on drugs’ and the legalisation of Dagga in Colorado and Washington will now hopefully make an impact on the State’s reply.

For the legally inclined, the Doctors for Life affadavit can be downloaded here. and for Below The Lions excellent take on Doctors for Life, click here

We will report back when we have more news about our new “opponents” and look forward to letting everyone know some concrete, tangible news from the legal front soon.

Jules & Myrtle